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Does GNC Total Lean CLA Really Work?

Many people have turned to GNC as a company that regularly produces effective products that improve your health and well-being.  They do have tons of good products that will significantly improve your health.  But just because a product has been created by GNC, don’t assume that it is safe to use and that it will give you the complete results that you desire.

GNC has quite a few fat burners but few of these products have been shown to be very effective.  In fact, most of their fat burners just cause side effects and don’t help you to achieve your ideal weight.  One of their fat burners is GNC Total Lean CLA.  It uses just one ingredient–conjugated linoleic acid.  Through the use of this one ingredient they say that you will see an increase in your energy levels, an increase in metabolism, and a healthy decline in weight.  GNC Total Lean CLA is designed to be used in conjunction with your current diet plan and exercise program.  When you add a fat burner to your current routine you can sometimes see increased results but in order for that to happen you have to choose an effective product.

GNC Total Lean CLA references a study in which CLA was reviewed.  They said that using CLA can help to increase weight loss.  But each participant in the study was using at least 3200 mg of CLA.  GNC Total Lean CLA has only 2000 mg of CLA so it’s unlikely that you are going to experience the same results as the participants in the study unless you almost the double the serving size of this product.  Despite the reference to this study, there have been more recent studies which have disproved the claims made in this study indicating that CLA is not a very effective product to use if you are hoping for increased and sustainable weight loss.

GNC Total Lean CLA Side Effects

After using a product with CLA and specifically after using GNC Total Lean CLA, most consumers reported side effects such as nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.  These side effects may not be as severe for everyone who tries this product but you should be prepared to experience them if you decide to use this product.

Is GNC Total Lean CLA Worth Buying?

GNC Total Lean CLA retails for $21.99 which isn’t too expensive.  Right now GNC is selling it for only $16.99.  Although they don’t readily advertise a satisfaction guarantee, you can usually find a guarantee offered if you are not satisfied with your results.

It certainly wouldn’t be my first recommendation.  GNC Total Lean CLA has only one ingredient and the results using CLA especially in a lesser concentration are debatable.  You may want to turn to a more powerful fat burner if you want to lose weight.  Also, the side effects that are associated with this product seem to be the only results are effects that consumers have experienced after using GNC Total Lean CLA.

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