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GNC Ripped Vitapak Review

Did you know that the majority of people are deficient in most of their nutrients? And it’s not because of the amount of food we eat. Rather it’s because of the types of food we eat. No longer do fresh fruits and vegetables make up the bulk of the meal but rather fried potatoes and sugary sorbets.

We still need those nutrients.

That’s why GNC Ripped Vitapak is said to be such an effective fat burner. Not only does it have a few fat burning ingredients but also it contains some of the nutrients we need every day but neglect to consume.

This pack of vitamins contains four blends that together provide you with the nutrients you need.  Can you achieve weight loss with GNC Ripped Vitapak or should you just use it for the vitamins?

Ingredients in GNC Ripped Vitapak

You can find a complete list of the ingredients and amounts (in most cases) that are included in GNC Ripped Vitapak.  Let’s take a brief look at some of the more notable ones.

  • Mega Men Sport (full strength): This blend contains 24 vitamins and minerals. Many of the nutrients are included in amounts that exceed the daily recommended amount.  In addition you get green tea, a joint cushion support blend, choline, and inositol.
  • CLA: The conjugated linoleic acid in this blend comes from safflower oil. You get 4000 mg which is enough to produce some of the results found in studies that show it can reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass.
  • Thermo Igniter 12X: You get more niacin in this blend but also a 283 mg proprietary blend designed to increase thermogenesis. Caffeine, capsimax and bioperine are included in this blend but unfortunately you do not get enough to make a significant difference in weight loss.
  • Waterex: It looks like this blend is supposed to reduce excess water weight. This can help you lose weight quickly but you are probably not going to keep the weight off.

You get tons of nutrients in this blend. Some of them are included in several thousand percent more than what you need. Is this necessary?

Honestly, no. Your body simply excretes the extra nutrients you don’t need (most of the time, other times toxic levels can build up and become dangerous to your health).  And with insignificant amounts of most of the weight loss ingredients, you are not getting much out of GNC Ripped Vitapak except the basic nutrients your body needs.

Does GNC Ripped Vitapak offer a money-back guarantee?

As a vitamin supplement, GNC Ripped Vitapak is very expensive.  It is $79.99 for a month supply. You do get some weight loss ingredients but it is not known as a fat burner that works so you pay a lot for a vitamin.

GNC offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Unfortunately, that is not long enough for you to determine if the results will last.  And the diuretics might trick you into thinking you are losing a lot of weight.

Final Thoughts

Finding a multi vitamin that supplies the nutrients your body needs is essential for your health. GNC Ripped Vitapak has much of what you need but for complete weight loss results, take a look at some of the top fat burners that have the right amounts of key ingredients.

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