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Power Up AM Thermogenic Action Review

How can you expect to lose weight with fast food on every corner? I mean, it’s just too hard to pass up chicken nuggets and hamburgers when you’re on the go. Unfortunately, that makes it very difficult to reach your goal weight.

Adding a fat burner that reduces your cravings for junk food, boosts energy levels, and increases metabolism may help you to see your goals met faster. Power Up AM Thermogenic Action claims that it has all the ingredients you need for an increase in metabolism and a boost in energy levels.

Does Power Up AM Thermogenic Action have what it takes for you to lose weight and keep it off?

Ingredients in Power Up AM Thermogenic Action

Chromium is the only ingredient that has been listed with the exact amount. More and more fat burners are including chromium in the formula because it has been found to keep blood sugar levels regulated. When your blood sugar levels are even it is easier to ignore cravings.  You may also notice that fat loss is more easily achieved.

The other ingredients are part of a 1520 mg proprietary blend. It has guarana seed, mate herb, bitter melon fruit, bitter orange fruit, kola nut, eleuthero root extract, ginseng asian root extract, gotu kola herb extract, green tealeaf extract, schisandra berry extract, ginger root extract, cayenne fruit, banaba leaf extract, and bamboo leaf extract.

Several of these ingredients will increase energy levels because they provide caffeine. Others have been found to increase metabolism.

When you use a fat burner that increases metabolism you can more easily lose weight. If you are working out regularly then using a metabolism booster only enhances your results by allowing you to burn more fat.

Even though the proprietary blend is quite large it is unlikely that you are getting enough of the active ingredients. There are so many ingredients that have nothing to do with weight loss that it is far more likely you will just have a fat burner that works through the placebo effect.

Safety is not much of a concern when you are using Power Up AM Thermogenic Action. It has some stimulants that can cause side effects but most people do not report problems.

Does Power Up AM Thermogenic Action offer a money-back guarantee?

From what we have been able to find, Power Up AM Thermogenic Action does not come with a money-back guarantee. You can find it for about $40 so it is not a very expensive fat burner but it’s still important to buy a fat burner with a guarantee in case it does not work.

Final Thoughts

Power Up AM Thermogenic Action would be a more powerful fat burner if they included the necessary amounts of key ingredients. As it stands, not enough users have been able to lose the weight they want which leads us to believe that Power Up AM Thermogenic Action includes more of the filler ingredients that the fat burning ingredients.

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