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T Lite Diet Pills Review

From the makers of the T Lite Diet (a very stringent diet), comes the T Lite Diet Pills: T Lite Xtreme Energy, T Lite Energy, and T Lite Stimulant Free. Can they help you lose weight? Let’s take a closer look.

Ingredients in T Lite Diet Pills

The makers of T Lite Diet Pills fail to disclose a complete list of ingredients and dosages of their products. The less a company discloses about their product, the more skeptical I become because if a company had a quality product with high dosages of great ingredients, wouldn’t it be in the company’s best interest to let their potential customers know?

Here is the limited information that is disclosed on T Lite Diet Pills:

T Lite Xtreme Energy contains chromium and caffeine. According to the makers, Xtreme Energy is “loaded with caffeine” so you can expect the energy, but also probably some jittery side effects. Chromium, if dosed correctly, has been clinically proven to suppress the appetite, but there is no way of knowing if there is enough chromium in Xtreme Energy to make a difference.

T Lite Energy. T Lite Energy contains both caffeine and forslean. According to the makers, T Lite Energy has a high caffeine content so if this is true, you will get energy and possible jittery side effects. Forslean is a decent fat burner backed by a few studies. There is no way of knowing whether there is a high enough forslean content in T Lite Energy to make a difference in your weight loss efforts.

T Lite Stimulant Free. The only ingredient known to be in T Lite Stimulant Free is chromium. As mentioned above, chromium will suppress the appetite when included at proper dosages. There is no way of knowing if T Lite Stimulant Free contains enough chromium to make a difference.

Do T Lite Diet Pills offer a money back guarantee?

According to the T Lite website:

All of our products are chemical, dye, and preservative free and also come with a money back guarantee

Unfortunately no more information is given about their money back guarantee. Some companies advertise money back guarantees but a closer look at the terms reveals that they do not accept returns on opened bottles. We are not saying that T Lite has that policy, but there is no way of knowing with such an ambigious guarantee.  I called their customer service a few times for further information but no one answered.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate decision of whether or not to purchase T Lite Diet Pills is yours to make. T Lite Diet Pills may be dosed correctly and may provide quality fat burners, but with the company’s lack of disclosure there is no real way of knowing. The effectiveness and safety of T Lite Diet Pills is major question mark. It is difficult for us to recommend a fat burner with questionable effectiveness and safety especially when there are proven fat burners out there without the question marks.

T Lite Diet Pills can be purchased online for around $30 (shipping and handling is included). If you have taken T Lite Diet Pills in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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